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Repair Service from El Camino Bike Shop

If there is one thing Encinitas bike owners agree on, it's El Camino Bike Shop offers the best bike repair and tune-up service in town. Since 1972, El Camino Bike Shop has served San Diego North County family & recreational cyclist repair service needs.

Places like Toys R Us, Sports Authority,  and K-Mart, pump out huge volumes of "B" brand bikes and in some cases, even carry top-shelf name brands from the bike industry.  So how does El Camino Bike Shop, a small neighborhood bike shop, compete with the sales volume of the department stores?  Well, we like to turn that question around and ask: How do the big box stores compete with El Camino Bike Shop, when it comes to service and knowledge?  And they can't, don't and never will!

At El Camino Bike Shop, you will find a friendly service staff with years of experience servicing, building, riding, training and racing with triathlon, touring, comfort, cruiser,  kid, mountain, and road bikes.  Our experience is second to none, you can count on El Camino Bike Shop to repair your bike to the utmost standards, with quality parts. No shortcuts, no cheap parts, no ignored repairs, no overcharging.

We know that a properly assembled and tuned bike is more likely to be SAFE as well as a lot more fun to ride.  Whether you need training wheels installed, or if you need your time trial bike perfected, our service department will take care of you.

We look forward to getting you back riding when you have repair problems. Whether you need a repair on your department store bike or your Trek Madone,  our service department is here to help you and your family keep riding. 

Here’s how it works:

  1. Bring in your bike.
  2. We'll use our experience to give you a FREE estimate.
  3. We’ll tell you when it will be finished.
  4. We’ll contact you to pick it up.

It’s that easy!

What to Service, When

How Often Should I Maintain My Bike?

A common and legit question!  The most accurate answer is that it depends on where you ride, what conditions you ride in and how much you ride!  A bicycle is a machine...all machines need some form of continuous care.

Here is a small list of things to do before and after every ride at a minimum...and a guide to how often your bike needs to visit the shop!

Before Every Ride

  • Check Tire Pressure
  • Inspect Tires For Cracks or Peeling
  • Check and Make Sure Brakes Are Operational
  • Check For Loose Parts and Make Sure Bike Does Not RATTLE

After Every Ride

  • Inspect Tires Again
  • Clean Drivetrain of Sand and Grime
  • Clean Frame and Painted Areas of Sand, Grime, and SWEAT!
  • Store your Bike In safe place!

Tune Ups

We recommend a tune up once a year on every bike at a MINIMUM...if you ride more you might need more than one tune up a year!  A tune up on a bike is a lot like an OIL Change in a needs to be done after a certain amount of mileage, but should always be considered every 6 months or so on a bike that is used and needs to be considered safe and reliable!

A bike tune-up is a complete inspection, adjustment, and lubrication of your bicycle. We adjust gears and brakes, true wheels, adjust the headset, bottom bracket, axle cones and check all nuts and bolts during a tune up.  We will also lube your bike as needed.  During a tune-up, we perform all repairs necessary to put your bike into the best shape it can be in for safe and reliable operation.

When in Doubt

We do FREE estimates and safety checks. If you are In Doubt...get your bike down to the shop and we will inspect it for you!