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Bike Fit Services

Bike Fit Services

Please call (760) 436-2340 or e-mail  to set up an appointment with Will.

New Bicycle Adjustment - Free

  • Proper frame size identified
  • Saddle height and angle adjusted
  • Handlebar height, width (for flat bars), angle adjusted to your liking
  • Brake and shift lever adjusted to your liking

Comfort Consultation - $45

  • 30 minute fitting consultation to modify your bicycle's existing components to fit you the best they can
  • Includes all aspects of a New Bicycle Adjustment (above)
  • If needed, replace stem for optimum upper body position (the stem itself is not included)
  • Saddle fore-aft position adjusted

Bicycle Customization - $100

This is our most thorough bicycle fit service, and can last up to two hours. It begins with a discussion of your cycling history and goals. We consider your body measurements, flexibility, type and style of riding, and past injuries. Labor for replacing handlebars, stem, saddle, seat post, or other parts is included (the parts themselves are not).

Generally we schedule fittings from 10-4 Monday-Thursday.

Please bring the clothing and shoes you normally use for riding.

Why is fit so important?

Proper bike fit will help you ride longer, stronger, and faster.

When you ride, do your hands hurt? Your back? Knees? They shouldn't.

Riding a bicycle is supposed to be fun, but a poor fitting bike will make cycling a drag. It can mean the difference between comfort and pain, fast and slow, safe and unsafe.

Bikes at shops are not one size fits all, but come in different frame dimensions (department store bikes are usually one size per wheel diameter). The most important aspect of fit is having the correct frame size, which is why we want you to ride the bicycle you by and have us make sure it is the right size for you. Remember standing over the bike to see if it fits? That's archaic. Your height, leg length, torso length, and arm length are all body measurements that affect bike the frame size you need. Everyone has a different body style, and we consider that when fitting a new bike to you.

Your riding style also affects how your bike should fit. If you want to cruise the bike paths on a bike that lets you sit upright where you get a good view of the scenery, that calls for a different frame size, bike type, and fit approach than a time-trial racer who needs to be positioned for optimum aerodynamics and speed.

Beyond frame size, other components of a bike also contribute greatly to a good fit.  Saddles, for example, are available in a variety of widths, shapes, and degrees of firmness. Just as important is the way it is adjusted--height, fore-aft, and angle. Other variables are stem length; handlebar width, height, and rotational adjustment; and crankarm length.

If your bike doesn't feel quite right, bring it in for a complimentary review of the fit basics so you know what changes, if any, you might want to consider. It will help you enjoy riding, and you won't regret it.