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Bike Fit Services

Please call (760) 436-2340 or e-mail to set up an appointment with Will.

Proper bike fit will help you ride longer, stronger, and faster. When you ride, do your hands hurt? Your back? Knees? They shouldn't!

New Bicycle Adjustment


  • Proper frame size identified
  • Saddle height and angle adjusted
  • Handlebar height, width (for flat bars), angle adjusted to your liking
  • Brake and shift lever adjusted to your liking

Comfort Consultation


  • 30 minute fitting consultation to modify your bicycle's existing components to fit you the best they can
  • Includes all aspects of a New Bicycle Adjustment (above)
  • If needed, replace stem for optimum upper body position (the stem itself is not included)
  • Saddle fore-aft position adjusted

Bicycle Customization


  • This is our most thorough bicycle fit service, and can last up to two hours. It begins with a discussion of your cycling history and goals. We consider your body measurements, flexibility, type and style of riding, and past injuries. Labor for replacing handlebars, stem, saddle, seat post, or other parts is included (the parts themselves are not).

    Generally we schedule fittings from 10-4 Monday-Thursday.

    Please bring the clothing and shoes you normally use for riding.