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IZIP E3 Town:Exp
IZIP's E3 Town:Exp is one bike that can tackle any commute! The small,frame is easy to fit into your apartment, busy office, or even packed train cars. The ride is incredible, too, with a 400-watt electric motor in the rear wheel giving you extra power over hills, or the ability to just cruise along, pedal-free, at almost 20 miles per hour. The ride is smooth with a 30mm-travel Headshock suspension taking the sting out of even the roughest street, while powerful hydraulic disc brakes provide confidence-inspiring, all-weather stopping power. Essential extras like a kickstand, bell, light set, and fenders, make this zippy commuter ready to tackle any journey.
IZIP E3 Metro
For all your utility bike and commuter needs, IZIP’s E3 Metro is here to please. This sturdy electric bike is energized by a rechargeable high-capacity battery tucked away in the down tube, while the motor is hidden in the rear wheel. IZIP's PAS (pedal-assist) mode lets you maximize your range, while the TAG (Twist & Go) throttle gives you a variable power boost whenever you need it. The rear rack and front basket boast eco-friendly bamboo decks and plenty of cargo capacity for trips to the store. Save gas money, make a positive environmental impact and enjoy the great outdoors!
IZIP E3 Path+ (Low Step) - Women's
$2,399.99 - $2,400.00
Hop on IZIP's E3 Path+ and ride to work, cruise downtown or run to the store with style and ease. Featuring an easy-to-recharge battery incorporated into the rear rack and a motor hidden in the rear wheel, this sturdy electric bike offers IZIP's PAS (pedal assist) mode for maximum range, and their TAG (Twist & Go) throttle for additional power whenever you need it. The rack provides cargo capacity, while a pair of fenders keep you dry while you're out and about. With this sweet e-bike, you'll ride farther and faster, have more fun, help the environment and save gas money the whole time!
IZIP E3 Calypso E-Trike
With 3 wheels and a spacious utility basket, IZIP's E3 Calypso E-Trike is ideal for trips to the grocery store or anytime you need the stability, ease and convenience of an electric 3-wheeler. You'll love the comfort of the extra-wide seat, back rest and upright, cruiser-style handlebars, and getting on and off is easy, too, thanks to the low step-through frame design. Each smooth-riding, 20-inch tire even includes a fender to keep you dry while you're out and about. The E-Trike's easy-to-recharge Lithium Ion battery offers a 20-30 mile range, you can scoot along up to 12 miles per hour, and you'll be helping the environment by leaving your car at home!
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